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At Altro Foundation we are working with LATRA to provide facilities for the Kara Tepe Refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, for the charity to conduct wellbeing and education programmes for refugees.  The Altro Foundation has supported LATRA through the donation, design and installation of a mobile unit for educational programmes.

The Isobox unit, designed by a local architect, has been in use at the Kara Tepe campaign since spring 2020. In September 2020, fire destroyed the Moria camp, displacing refugees and exacerbating the issue of overcrowding at Kara Tepe, which in turn impacted the spread of Covid-19. LATRA and the Altro Foundation worked together to put a second unit in place, used as a testing centre. This was up and running from October 2020.

LATRA’s vision is to BUILD THE WORLD BETTER, by empowering marginalised communities across the world, with technology, design and education, to address the adversities they and their communities face, and to become not just actors in their lives but directors of their future, creating communities which are inclusive, adaptive, sustainable and resilient.

Latra building